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Better Banking Options in 2020

our plan for the upcoming year

A great way to start your year off right is to find a Better Banking Option in your area and move your money there. If you’ve already moved your money, you could also make it a goal to get two or three friends or family members to move their money, as well. But how do you find a better bank or credit union that not only effectively lends to your community, but also one that fulfills your personal banking needs?

We can help with that. Let me know— you want your better bank or credit union to be located, and I will do some in-depth, qualitative research to provide a short list of Better Banking Options for you.

But within in the next couple of months, our search engine will be released. You’ll be able to use it to find banks and credit unions in your area who are actually doing the most quality lending—the kind of lending that helps people and communities build wealth and thrive. We take publicly available data from federal sources, like the NCUA and the FDIC, and score them based on the kind of lending they do and where they do it.

It will give our readers a super quick and easy way to see what Better Banking Options in their area are doing the most quality lending. From there, you can check out the websites of the individual banks and see if they provide the kind of banking and lending services you may be looking for, but you’ll have a source of information for their lending practices that isn’t just personal claims on their website.

As we take that next step, we want to spend more time reaching out to our readers on social media. We started this blog with the aspiration of getting as many people to change where they bank as possible, and that’s still our ultimate goal. And we need your help. We want to hear more about people’s experiences with better banks and credit unions. Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter to tell us about how a loan from a Better Banking Option influenced your life or the life of a loved one, or how they made an impact in your community.

Remember, where you bank can make a huge difference in the new decade and can shape the new decade for the better. If you still haven’t found the right Better Banking Option for you, keep an eye out for our upcoming search engine, and let us do most of the hard work for you. Happy New Year from us at Better Banking Options!


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