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Why you should be banking with Chickasaw Community Bank

formerly known as Bank2, a Native-owned CDFI in Oklahoma City

We’ve talked a fair amount on this blog about the reality of obtaining financial services for most Native peoples in this country. Indigenous families are the most likely to be unbanked or underbanked, partially stemming from the isolation many communities face on reservations without reliable transportation. The number of unbanked Native households was also projected to rise during the Coronavirus pandemic, which has particularly affected Indigenous communities. Considering this need for reliable financial services, there’s never been a better time to move your money to a bank or credit union whose mission directly supports Native families.

The best way to do this is to find a Native-owned bank or credit union, of which there are quite a few, particularly in states with large Indigenous populations like Oklahoma and New Mexico. One of our favorites is Chickasaw Community Bank, a relatively new bank founded in 2002 with a goal to provide excellent banking services, both to Indian County and to their hometown of Oklahoma City. They’ve been able to grow their assets steadily over the past two decades and have become one of the best Better Banking Options in their area.

While they only have one branch in the city, they still manage to make a significant amount of housing loans to Native families, with about 40% of their assets going to housing and 40% of that going to low-and moderate-income census tracts. They’re certified as both a CFDI and MDI, and have significant experience working with federal resources to get the best loans and rates possible for their customers. There are many federal financial resources available to Indigenous families, and Chickasaw Community Bank has made it one of their specialties to facilitate people’s access to those resources. They also offer similar loans to Native businesses and tribes, enabling whole communities to build housing and Native individuals to fund their small businesses.

This Better Banking Option comes up third in our search engine, meaning they make lots of quality loans. Chickasaw Community Bank also offers both online and mobile banking options, so anyone can use their deposits to invest in the Native community in and outside of Oklahoma City. Consider moving your money there today, especially if you live in the area.


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