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Why you should be banking with Community Bank of the Bay

A community bank in the northern California area which focuses on relationship banking and small business lending

The first bank in California to be certified as a CDFI, Community Bank of the Bay is committed to working with small business owners to build Northern Bay area local economies in Oakland, Danville, San Mateo and Campbell, CA. Devoting a fifth of its assets to small business lending, they also focus on environmentally friendly business practice through their Bay Area Green Fund, which gives loans to “green” businesses committed to positively impacting the environment. The bank emphasizes relationship banking which is highly personal and locally-minded. Only their Oakland and Danville locations are full-service branches while their other two offices are loan production offices. However, they have online banking and automatic bill pay available for personal banking customers.

Community Bank of the Bay’s focus is small business lending, essential in an area like the Bay area where costs of living are extremely high and rising, and many individuals have trouble accumulating the capital it requires to grow their small businesses. Their local focus prepares them for lending in this specific economic environment. Their website names their ideal investors as “owner-operated businesses that are experiencing change, growth or expansion.” They also work closely with local non-profits and other organizations that help build communities across the Bay area.

This bank is a great choice if you want to invest in the economic diversity and growth of small business in the Bay area of Northern California and/or want to target deposits to environmentally sustainable projects and businesses. Learn more at their website here.


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