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Why you should be banking with Consolidated Community Credit Union

a local credit union providing stellar customer service in low-income neighborhoods in Portland

Portland, Oregon has a reputation for being one of the most left-thinking cities in the US, both institutionally and culturally. However, as much of pop-culture has jokingly observed (think Portlandia), this reputation paints the city to be only superficially progressive and exclusive of low-income residents. It is, like much of Oregon, an expensive place to live, and there is high rate of income inequality in the state resulting from this. In fact, The Oregonian reports, “Nearly half of households who rent in the Portland area spend more than 30% of their paycheck on rent – economists consider that to be a benchmark for financial security, with households spending more than that considered ‘rent burdened.’”

This is one of many reasons why more residents of Portland should be taking advantage of this fantastic Better Banking Option, a local credit union focused on providing quality and personal service to all residents of Portland. Consolidated Community Credit Union, or CCCU, was incorporated in 1951 and grown significantly since to serve a wide range of customers, including Adidas’ North American offices, located in Portland, and a variety of small businesses. They’re a thoroughly modern credit union, with updated technologies while still maintaining a local focus and with a 60-year history of lending and providing financial services there.

While CCCU’s technologies and work with international corporations are reflective of Portland’s innovative and stylish nature, they’re also doing significant work to provide essential, quality loans to those living in low- and moderate- income neighborhoods. They’re a designated LICU and CDFI, and all of their three locations are in low- and moderate- income census tracts. Their focus on providing exceptional service to the city of Portland led to them not only being customer service oriented, but also a great awareness of the lending needs and trends of the communities they work in.

Consolidated Community Credit Union is a fantastic option for anyone living or working in the city that wants to bank with people that effectively serves all demographics of Portland, OR. They offer both online and mobile banking options, so anyone eligible can move their deposits there, even during this pandemic when their physical branches are closed.

We discovered this Better Banking Option by using our search engine, which anyone in the U.S. can use to find the banks and credit unions in their city or neighborhood that are making quality, wealth-building loans. Use it here and move your money today!


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