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Why you should be banking with Georgia Banking Company

an Atlanta-area bank with a dedication to providing exceptional customer service

There are many banks that don’t set out to be change-makers in the industry, but with a focus on anticipating and serving the specific needs of their customer base, coincidentally, they become banks on par with those designated community development banks. Georgia Banking Company, or GBC for short, is one of those banks, showing up at the top of the list when you look up Atlanta in our search engine. Their intention was to build a bank where they could improve the individual lives of their clients, and in the process, they’ve made a difference in the community as a whole.

While they’ve only been around for about 20 years now, and only have two locations (one in Sandy Springs and one in Griffin, small towns close to the city), their attention to the personal financial needs of each one of their customers has made them one of the best banking options in the Atlanta area. With the majority of their assets used for housing loans, they’re helping residents of the city make lasting investments for their families. Additionally, one of these locations is in a low-income census tract, so we know they’re trying to serve all populations, not just affluent ones.

In an effort to provide the best banking service possible for their clients, GBC offers all modern banking technologies including mobile and online banking, so even during this difficult time, anyone can move their money to this Better Banking Option. We recommend this bank for anyone looking for their deposits to be invested in housing in the Atlanta area. Check out their website to move your money today!


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