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An Introduction to our Search Engine

a new tool for finding lending data on banks and credit unions near you

Every dollar can make a difference, and this applies to both the money you spend as well as the money you keep in the bank. For every dollar deposited, banks and credit unions can loan ten dollars. These loans are federally insured, meaning that your money can be safe in the bank while also being at work in your community. Wealth-building loans, like housing loans and small business loans, especially in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, can be transformational because they help people build generational wealth.

But how can you tell which banks are doing this kind of quality lending? We developed a search engine to answer this question. When you use the search engine, you can look up any place by zip code, city, or county and immediately see which banks are doing the most quality lending. You’re able to change the radius of the search as well as how many results you get. If you don’t see a specific bank that you know is in your area, it’s probably not scoring high enough to even show up on the list!

We use publicly available data from the FDIC and the NCUA; to learn more about exactly where we’re getting our data and how we’re using it, check out our metrics. We’ve also updated the look of the blog to look more modern and dynamic, and we’ll continue to post bank profiles and articles that take a more in-depth look.

We’re also working on expanding our database of custom notes and tags so that you can see other important information about the bank or credit union when looking at the details page.

Please reach out to us if you’re experiencing any issues or you have any feedback regarding the changes we’ve made. Additionally, feel free to simply to let us know you moved your money to a Better Banking Option, or if you have something you feels should be included in a search result’s notes.

And remember, every deposit makes a difference!


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