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Open an account at Hope Credit Union TODAY

It’s easier than ever to move your money to this Better Banking Option

We at Better Banking Options have talked a lot about Hope Credit Union, as they’re one of our favorite banking institutions to recommend. Not only are they a Black-owned bank that opens most of their branches in POC-majority neighborhoods, they do a ton of quality lending, especially for a credit union. That’s why they’re usually at the top of the list whenever they pop up in our search engine. Although they’re located in the Mid-South, if you live outside of their region you can still open Certificates of Deposit and Money Market accounts with them. In this way, anyone can open an account at Hope CU to support POC families and communities in some of the lowest-income counties in the US.

You can learn more about Hope Credit Union on their website or by reading the longer article we wrote about them, one of the first bank profiles on this site. They also publish a yearly impact report, so you can see how they’d likely be using your deposits. However, no matter how much you learn about Hope, the best way you can immediately support their work, and put your money to work making quality loans where they’re needed most, is by opening an account with them. Luckily, we at Better Banking Options are here to help.

If you’re looking to move $5,000 or more to Hope Credit Union, we’re inviting you to call our parent company, Just Money Advisors, and we’ll do all the paperwork for you, for NO CHARGE. Just give us a call using the contact information on the Just Money Advisors website and we can get the process started. It’s never been easier to make a difference with your deposits.

Don’t wait to put your money to work in at-risk communities. If your bank isn’t leveraging your deposits to make wealth building loans, then they’re not truly living up to their potential. Additionally, if you’re wanting to move less than $5,000, the process of opening an account through their website is relatively simple. There’s never been a better time to move your money to a Better Banking Option that invests in Black families in low-income areas of the South. Give Just Money Advisors a call today!


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