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Why you should be banking with Texas Bank Financial

A Better Banking Option providing modern technologies and housing lending in the Dallas area

Sometimes, the best banking options are the simplest options. While most people simply default to megabanks because they assume that they have the most resources available to them for the cheapest prices, this is a commonly held misconception, as many smaller banking institutions offer the same technologies, but without monthly fees. Even if your bank doesn’t have any special designations, or even if they don’t call themselves a community bank, it’s still likely that any smaller, local bank will be doing more good with your deposits than a megabank.

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Texas Bank Financial is a pretty basic bank when not looking too closely; they were established only about 20 years ago, as a community bank that would meet the specific needs of Northern Texas. They have locations in Dallas and Weatherford, as well as a branch that also serves as the headquarters for their mortgage company in Fort Worth. While they would be considered standard in the banking industry for a lot of reasons, almost all of their basic checking and savings accounts are completely free, and they offer 24/7 mobile deposits.

The main reason we consider Texas Bank Financial to be a Better Banking Option in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is because they do a huge amount of mortgage lending, with it making up about 73% of the lending they do. This is probably why they have a separate office for these kinds of loans. Even though they don’t have any of their branches in qualified census tracts (QCTs), and we would encourage them to open branches in QCTs, about 37% of their mortgage lending is done with low- and moderate-income households. Check out their website to move your money there today!

“Too big to fail” is a term you probably heard flying around a lot after the 2008 financial crisis. Basically what it means is that the megabanks are so big that their failure would have a drastic effect on the economy, which forces the government to bail them out, even if the bank mismanaged its business. This is why monopolies in the banking industry are particularly heinous, and why moving your money out of a megabank can be such an important first step in using your money to make the world a better place.

Banks like Texas Bank Financial may not be the most obvious choice when looking for a Better Banking Option that invests heavily in communities. There may not be an obvious choice in your area, either. But even if your ideal option isn’t available, it’s still so important to be intentional about your banking practice, because just moving your money from the mega banks can make a huge difference.


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